How Star Hanger fasteners can be used for picture frame installation? September 30 2016

Learn here how to use Star Hanger fasteners to install picture frame on the wall without any damage and revelation.

Putting up a picture frame on the wall is challenging. Being an experienced woodworker, you know why this is so. The excessive hammering and nailing can damage your client's wall paper. But that is not the only woe! The screw or fastener may be visible or not so strong to carry picture frame for a long time.

In this scenario, choosing the right picture fasteners or screws to hang pictures really makes sense. This is why many pros recommend Star Hanger picture frame fasteners for an easy and neat work.

Let's see why Star Blue Zero must be in every woodworker's bag when it comes to nail a picture on the wall.

Star Blue Zero is one of the breakthrough architectural concealed fasterners for the art works, graphics, ADA panels and fabric panels. It is easy to push into the wall plaster without any damage. And it doesn't reveal too! It takes nearly a 5 pounds of force to get into the place while you need 35 pounds of force to take it out. Star Blue Zero fastener has gone through various strength tests to assure that it can hold the heaviest picture frames.

How to Use Star Hanger Fastener to Hang Picture Frames?

Well, it is very easy to use Star Hanger fastener to place picture frame on the wall. All you need is to follow these steps:

  • Choose the spot and mark it with a pen or marker
  • Drill a hole and hammer a blue Star Zero into it
  • Fit a steel double headed screw into the fastener (keep the point side up)
  • Press a picture frame straight into place from the hanging side

Congratulations! You have successfully put up picture frame on the wall without any revelation or wall damage.

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