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236 Mounting Wood Screws 3/16" x 1-1/8"



The 236 Mounting Wood Screw has 3/16" between the two heads, the threads are a bit short of 1-1/8" long.  They can be used to screw directly into wood furring to hang any type of panels or artwork that have the Lock installed in the panel or trim.  These screws also work very well with the TC Pop Toggle.  This allows panels and trim to be efficiently installed directly to sheetrock with a pull off over 100 lbs. The 242 Mounting Wood Screws 3/16" are compatible with the 210 Lock & 200 Hanger 1-3/8"


The head is not our standard pan head, these are a production screw made by Hangman that work well with our 210 Lock and 200 Hanger 1-3/8". They have the same 1/8" narrow shaft between the heads to allow for locking.  The threads are a standard # 8 wood screw with self drilling pointed head. 

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