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340 Hanger 1-3/8", Formerly 200 Hanger



*The number of the Hanger has changed from 200 to 340, this is because we modified the screw size from 3/16" gap to 5/16" gap.  

The 340 Hanger is our heaviest insert for mounting panels directly to drywall. The large 340 Hanger quickly and easily fastens any type of paneling directly to drywall. Substantial cost savings are gained by eliminating the furring layer by mounting panels directly to the drywall surface. Institutions, schools, hospitals and universities have been delighted to find they could now afford a variety of panel and expressive design options. You are no longer limited by rectangular design constraints.


The 340 Hanger is a heavy-duty insert with a keyhole style lock, molded under heavy pressure and high heat. Once inserted into a 1-3/8” hole in the drywall, the insert is locked in place by turning the locking screws. The 340 Hanger has a variety of mounting screws & bolts that allow for mounting thick and thin panels, moldings, metal, acoustical panels, fabric panels, mirrors, chair rails, artwork and signage and more.

Cost / Benefit Estimate

The 340 Hanger 1-3/8" allows direct panel application at about one half the cost of a full furring system, (usually required for premium grade panel work). This system removes most engineering and fabrication hours by transferring the layout of panel sizes to the field, saving substantial installation hours. The hardware cost is about $ 0.38 /sq ft.

More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads".


Application: Mounts Wood, Steel, Glass, Solid Surface to Drywall
Key Advantages: Strong, Direct Connection to Drywall
Fastener Type: Key Lock Insert
Holding Type: 3/8" Keyhole Drop & Lock
Alignment Method: 211 Lock Alignment Pins
Fastener Preparation: Drill 1-3/8" Through Hole
Maximum Panel Size: 4' x 12'
Template: N/A

200 Spec Drawing

334 Euro Screws are Included with the 340 Hanger
Other screws are In-Progress, Please call the check availability.

  • 335 Euro Screws, Cutoff to 5/16" Thread Length
  • 336 Combination Screws, 1-1/2" Thread Length
  • 238 Combination Screws, 9/16" Thread Length
  • 238 Machine Thread, 10 -24, 9/16" Thread Length


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