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328 Zero Side Mount (50 Lbs. Black)



325 Zero Side Mount Diagram


The 328 Zero Side Mount (50 Lbs. Black) is a Heavy Duty version of the Original 325 Zero Side Mount. The 328 Zero Side Mount provides a nice balance between holding the panel firmly in place and remaining semi-removable for applications that require a fixed panel that can be removed if required. This combination makes them very useful for false drawers, end scribes, cabinet soffits and ADA under sink units. The assembly of a reception desk can be significantly streamlined using the 328 Zero Side Mount for tack panels, toe kicks and removable access panels.


The 328 Zero Side Mount is a hidden panel-mounting clip designed to snap semi-removable panels firmly in place at right angles to an adjacent side panel.  With only two screws the 328 Zero Side Mount installs quickly.  Once the included 5/16" Mounting Screw are snapped into place with about 20 lbs of pressure they can be pulled loose with about 50 lbs of force. (May require a small pry bar) The 328 Zero Side Mounts are made from durable engineered plastic, allowing for repeated panel removal, and outdoor use.  

Note: Adding the 330 Zero Alignment Pin enables fast and easy location and insertion of the 5/16" Mounting Screws. 

Cost  Benefit Estimates

328 Zero Side Mounts can be drilled and installed in under a minute. This is faster than using traditional methods that have a higher cost.

Strength Testing  with 3/4", 45 lb. particle board
Tensile: (Pull Out = 50 lb. 
Shear (Drop 1/16") = 20 lbs.

ORDER HERE: Please Read Notice, 4 corner screws still included.

NOTICE: Mounting Screws are no longer included. You will find all the Mounting Screws compatible with this product in the 300 SERIES by hovering over the Products Tab. You will also see this item now has a Drop Down bar to select package size. These are no longer sold as singles. Prices have been adjusted to accommodate change. 


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