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334 Mounting Euro Mounting Screw, 5/16" Neck, 9/16" Thread



The 334 Mounting Euro Screw has 5/16" between the head and the washer, the threads are 9/16" long, and are used for 3/4" panels.  They hold well in MDF, particle board, plywood and solid lumber.

Compatible Fasteners:

  • 300 Green Glide
  • 310 Green Glide Triangle
  • 320 Zero (25lb Blue)
  • 325 Zero Side Mount (25lb Blue)
  • 326 Zero Side Mount (25lb White)
  • 328 Zero Side Mount (50lb Black)


The head is the same size and shape as a standard #10 pan head screw, the narrow shaft between head and the washer allows for locking. The threads are the same size as a 5mm Euro Screw, and or designed to be pre-drill with a 5mm, Center Point 5MM Pilot Drill & Stop, (we sell these as 913). 

Note: We recommend that you allow at least 1/16" of additional length to your pre-drilled hole to prevent bulging.

Star Hanger is transitioning into making these screws in-house, there may be some small variation as we prefect the screws.

 More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads"

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