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335 Mounting Euro Screws 5/16", Cut to 5/16" long



The 335 Mounting Screw has 5/16" between the two heads, with the threads re-cut from 7/16" to 5/16" long and/or used for 1/2" panels. These are custom cut in-house per order.

Note: 11-11-2021
Star Hanger has not been able to make these short screws with our automatic screw machines.  Our Die vendors tell us it is not possible due to the weight ratios.  The screw has to be manually cut off, which is time consuming, and expense. 

We believe that the 5/16" thick Galaxy Fasteners replace the need for the short mounting screw.  We are therefore raising our price of these screws to cover the cost. 

335 Mounting Screws 5/16" are compatible with:

300 Green Glide
310 Green Glide Triangle
320 Zero 
325 Zero Side Mount 



The head is the same size as a Standard #10 flat head screw, however, it has a narrower shaft to allow for movement.  The threads have the same diameter as a 5mm Euro Screw and can be used in 7/64" holes. The screw thread length is 5/16" and has a flat bottom that requires pre-drilling. 

Note: We recommend that you allow at least 1/16" of additional length to your pre-drilled hole to prevent bulging.

More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads"

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