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400 NZ Clip (1/4" Staple Installed)


The 410 NZ Alignment Clips are not included unless purchasing the Bundle Bucket

The Star Hanger 400 NZ Clip is a new panel clip designed to replace aluminum clips.  These clips are made of high strength reinforced nylon molded under 90 tons of high pressure, resulting in a clip stronger than Aluminum Z Clips.  The new 400 NZ Clip is the same size as the traditional aluminum panel clip, and requires no changes in engineering, design, shop drawings, installation techniques or training. 

Please see the 400 NZ Clip Shop Demonstration Video on YouTube to see how they save about 2/3 thirds of the installation time.

The 400 NZ Clip fits into our 12 ft. Aluminum extruded 430 S Clip Bar.

The 400 NZ Clip is a standard clip size ¼” thick x 2" long and when paired they are 2" x 3" and the screw layout is a perfect 1-1/2” square, (3/8" lift-off).  The formulation of the molded material is strong yet pliable, and the unique pliability, preformed staple slots and thick structural ribs around the perimeter make the clip stronger than standard aluminum clips.

The 400 NZ Clip can be quickly installed, because the wall fastener locations do not have to be perfectly horizontal, and the panel clip location is determined with the use of the 410 NZ Alignment Clip.  The panel is accurately located and when the panel is pushed into 400 NZ Alignment Clip, the marking blades provide a thin and precise mark that shows exactly where the outside edge of the of the upper corners are located. There is also a unique ogee profile that snaps into place, letting the installer know the panel is seated properly. (See Installation Guide and Video)

Product Advantages
They can be quickly stapled into place with a standard ¼" staple.
They are stronger than standard traditional aluminum Z clips.
The Nylon slides easily so the panel will pull down and lock flush with much less effort.
The 400 NZ Clips save time and money.  


Cost Benefit Estimates
Traditional panel clips are time consuming to layout and install, taking about 6 minutes per pair.  At $50.00 an hour, that is $ 8.33 per pair.  The combination of the 400 NZ Clip and the 410 NZ Alignment clips can cut that time by more than 2/3, making it comparable in cost at as low as $0.25 per clip.

Strength Testing with 3/4" - 45 lb. particle board
Tensile Failure (Permanently Bent) = 45 lbs. –  Working Strength, Pull from Furring = 25 lbs.
Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 150 lbs. – Working Strength, Weight holding = 25 lbs.

More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads"

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