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511 Ceiling Clip, 12 FT. Bar


12ft length bars require LTL Shipping. We quote all LTL Shipments after purchase and sometimes require additional cost to cover. We will contact you if that is the case. For additional options on orders under 20 Bars please contact 803-250-9608 x2
Ceiling Clip side profile diagram


The 511 Ceiling Clip 12ft Bar was designed to hang architectural overhead panels to furring. This bar has a J-Hook shape with a 1/8” deep ledge that allows an adjacent same profile clip to latch on securely. The 511 Ceiling Clip 12ft Bar is designed to mount specifically to the ceiling furring, and the 512 Ceiling Clip Single is used as the adjacent 2” clip that attaches to the panel as shown on the above diagram. The 511 Ceiling Clip 12ft Bar can lock into itself if a more custom approach is needed.  This bar can be spread out up to 24” across studs, uneven surfaces, and existing drywall. The install motion is a lift-up, slide together, and drop-in from all corners. Reverse same motion for removal. Only 3/8” is needed for reveal area to achieve this install. (Silicon is suggested to prevent movement on the track) The clips are rated to 25lbs each.  

Strength Testing
Tensile Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 150 lbs. – Working Load (weight holding) = 25 lbs.

Failure (Horizontal pull side pull) = 100 lbs. – Working Load = 15 lbs.

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Product Specifications

511 Ceiling Clip Specs (pdf)


Qty Price
1 $32.00
10 $30.40
20 $28.80
50 $27.20

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