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720 Dowel 32mm x 8mm Diameter (100 Dowels)



The 720 Dowel 8mm x 32mm is an inexpensive method to attach two 3/4 panels together, permanently.  They are used in heavy duty applications where a wood dowel may not be strong enough, or in wet areas.   (See Strength Testing).  They work well on plywood, particle board composites, plastics, and solid surfaces. The 720 Dowel inserts into a drilled  8mm hole. The mounts are made of engineered automotive plastic that is slightly pliable and will not void the solid surface fabrication warranty.  The threads are 3/8" deep, leaving 3/32" of surface material on 1/2" panels. The 720 Dowel works independently and is not compatible with any other fastener.  Dowels and are not removable, have have little room for the natural expansion and contraction of panels.  

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The 720 Dowel ribs are threaded and fit snugly in a 8mm diameter hole with a flat bottom.  These ribs are small and sharp for better gripping performance. The 720 Dowel can be epoxied into Corian and other solid surfaces or press fit.  They can be used to attach dissimilar materials like wood and solid surface, but only in small panels that move less than 1/32", a maximum of 24" x 24".  They can be used with large panel if the same material is used. 

Note * : These are sealed edge dowels and can generate high air pressures when installed quickly.   We recommend that you allow at least 1/8" of additional depth to your pre-drilled holes to prevent bulging.  

Strength Testing:



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