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370 Countertop Bolt, Router Template


370 Countertop Bolt, Router Template

(Router Bit Not Included)

The 370 Countertop Bolt Template is a router template for the shop or field that cuts the required slots for the Star Countertop Bolt.  

Note: The 370 Countertop Bolt Template works well with the universal router slot milled by newer countertop saws. 

The 370 Countertop Bolt Template is made of 3/8" phenolic resin, resulting in a long life span. They are designed for a plunge router with a 3/8" collar, a 1/4" straight bit with a 1/16" offset. The template is 1/8” oversized, to be used with a 3/8” Collet and a 1/4” Router Bit.

Product Advantages
Provides an ideal 5/16" sized slot cutout for our 360 Countertop Bolt.

Useful Accessories
915 Router Bit, Flush Offset
365 Countertop Bolt, Ball End Allen Wrench
360 Countertop Bolt

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