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325 Zero Side Mount (Includes 5/16" Mounting Screws)


325 Zero Side Mount (Includes 5/16" Mounting Screws)

The 325 Zero Side Mount provides a nice balance between holding the panel firmly in place and remaining removable without requiring the use of tools.  This combination makes them very useful for false drawers, end scribes, cabinet soffits and ADA under sink units. The assembly of a reception desk can be significantly streamlined using the 325 Zero Side Mount for tack panels, toe kicks and removable access panels.

The 325 Zero Side Mount is a hidden panel-mounting clip designed to snap removable panels firmly in place at right angles to an adjacent side panel.  With only two screws the Side Mount installs quickly.  Once the (included) 351 Mounting Screws 5/16" are snapped into place with about 10 lbs of pressure they can be pulled loose with about 30 lbs of force.  The 325 Zero Side Mounts (Light Blue) are made from durable engineered plastic, allowing for repeated panel removal, and outdoor use.  

The 330 Zero Alignment Pin enables fast and easy location and insertion of the 334 Mounting Screws 5/16". 

Product Advantages

  • Installs with no "zero" reveals
  • Designed to be easily removed (a pry bar may be needed)
  • Allows for 1/16" panel expansion
  • The panels can be repeatedly removed without damage
  • Available with bulk pricing
Cost  Benefit Estimates

325 Zero Side Mounts can be drilled and installed in under a minute. This is faster than using traditional methods that have a higher cost.
Please see > Technical > Cost Estimates, for details.

Strength Testing  with 3/4", 45 lb. particleboard
Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 25 lbs. –  Working Strength

Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 30 lbs. –  Working Strength, Weight holding = 10 lbs.


330 Zero Alignment Pins (10 Pins)
245 Mounting Bolts 3/16" (100 Bolts)

325 Zero Side Mount (Includes 5/16" Mounting Screws)



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