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200 Hanger 1-3/8" (Includes 3/16" Mounting Screws)


200 Hanger 1-3/8" (Includes 3/16" Mounting Screws)

The 200 Hanger 1⅜”, is our heaviest insert for fastener for mounting panels directly to drywall.  The large 200 Hanger 1⅜” quickly and easily fastens any type of paneling directly to drywall.  The 200 Hanger 1⅜” allows wood paneling to be installed at roughly half the cost of a comparable full-furring premium system.  Institutions, schools, hospitals and universities have been delighted to find they could now afford real wood panels.

The 200 Hanger 1⅜” is a heavy duty injection nylon 66 molded fastener.  Once inserted into a 1⅜” hole in the drywall surface, the clip is locked in place by a turn of the locking screws.  Substantial cost savings are gained by eliminating the furring layer (usually required for premium grade panel work) and mounting panels directly to the drywall surface.   Originally designed for use with wood panels the 200 Hanger 1⅜”is often used for mounting, moldings, acoustical panels, fabric panels, mirrors, chair rails, artwork and signage. 

 Product Advantages
  • Allows panels to be directly mounted flush to the wall surface
  • Extremely strong with over 300 pounds of vertical-holding strength
  • Simple installation that saves significant amounts of time
  • Fast, accurate installation with 211 Alignment Pins 3/16"
  • Panels can be easily removed any time after installation
  • Allows for 1/16" expansion in all directions 
Cost  Benefit Estimates
The Star Hanger allows direct panel application at about one half the cost of a full furring system. This system removes most engineering and fabrication hours by transferring the layout of panel sizes to the field, saving substantial installation hours.  The hardware cost is about $ 0.38 /sq ft.   

"These Star Hangers are awesome. Great product, saved us a lot of time on install.  Low profile keep panels tight to the walls. My guys loved working with them. Makes our job a breeze, installing panels. We also used them on curved walls with stainless strips horizontal to panels. Panels fit tight to the panels. We are redoing our showroom and I need to order some more.  We are doing wall panels.  We have recommended your product to other shops."

-Jon Rickert, Wooden Valley Carpentry Inc., Winthrop Harbor, IL 

Useful Accessories: 
210 Hanger 1-3/8" Shims, 1/32" (Includes 50 Shims)
211 Alignment Pins, 3/16" (10 Pins) 913 Pilot Drill, 5MM Center Point Drill & Stop  920 Panel Adjuster

Ordering & Options
200 Hanger 1-3/8", (Includes 3/16" Mounting Screws)
200C Hanger 1-3/8", (Cut down to 5/8" thickness & Includes 3/16" Mounting Screws)



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