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210 Lock



The 210 Lock has many uses including mounting panel to furring or sheetrock with the correct mounting screw in both the shop and field. The 340 Lock is a compression wood insert-fastener used to mount any type of panel directly to either the panel or furring. The 340 Lock has a variety of mounting screws & bolts that allow for mounting thick and thin panels, moldings, metal, acoustical panels, fabric panels, mirrors, chair rails, artwork and signage and more.


The 210 Lock is a medium duty, 1" diameter, injection molded insert fastener designed to push in and down to lock the panel into place. This Lock keyhole design that is stronger than the Zero snap in design. The engineered plastic body and steel mounting screw withstand repeated removal.


The 1” holes can be quickly drilled with a 1” Forstner bit. Our 211 Lock & Hanger Alignment Pins can be used to mark your panels for the location of the mounting screw or mounting option selected. The Lock fits a 3/16" mounting Screw. The panel
is pushed in and down to lock the panel firmly in position.


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