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320 Zero (Includes 5/16" Mounting Screws)


320 Zero (Includes 5/16" Mounting Screws)

The 320 Zero can be used both to mount to furring and mount to drywall. using field installed or prefabricated furring systems.  The  320 Zero is a hidden fastener that allows fast and easy installation of panels directly into place with zero reveal.  Examples include ADA panels, soffit panels, panels with no reveal, fabric panels and wood panels that need to be installed straight into the furring.  And also for pre-assembled "L" shaped soffits and corners. The 320 Zero holds individual panels, allowing for 1/16" expansion. 

The 320 Zero is a medium duty, one piece, injection molded insert fastener designed to install panels 'straight-in' with zero reveals. The engineered plastic  body and steel screw withstand repeated removal.  The 320 Zero compression fits into a 1.000" drilled hole in any hard substrate.  Steel alignment pins are available for a fast and accurate layout in both the field and shop.  The 320 Zero (Light Blue) pushes into the 5/16" mounting screw with about 10 pounds of force and can be removed with about 30 pounds of force, much like a friction catch.

Note: The 320 Zero has a 10 pound weight limit.  It should be used overhead only in combination with a mechanically locked clip.

 Product Advantages
  • Installs with no "zero" reveals
  • Designed to be quickly and repeatedly removed  
  • Allows for 1/16" panel expansion
  • Available in volume with bulk pricing
 Cost & Benefit Estimates 

320 Zero can be drilled and installed in under a minute. This is notably faster than traditional clips with a similar cost.

Please see > Technical > Cost Estimates, for details

"We have been stocking Star Hanger fasteners for some time.  We use the Zeros for our ADA front panels – and the installers like them also.

"Kristine Cox, Rowland Woodworking, High Point NC. , President, AWI

Strength Testing  with 3/4", 45 lb. particle board
Tensile: (Horizontal pull) Failure = 25 lb. –  Working Strength, Pull from Furring = 10 lb.

Shear: (Vertical weight holding) Failure  = 30 lb. –  Working Strength, Weight holding = 10 lb. 


330 Zero Alignment Pins (10 Pins)
245 Mounting Bolts 3/16" (100 Bolts)
913 Pilot Drill, 5MM Center Point Drill & Stop
920 Panel Adjuster


320 Zero (Includes 5/16" Mounting Screws) 

Product Specifications

320 Zero, Specs, 1-28-19 (pdf)


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