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324 Zero Air Hammer (COMING SOON)


324 Zero Air Hammer 


The 324 Zero Air Hammer is designed to improve the speed and accuracy of 320 Zero insert installation.  Installing the Zeros with a dead blow works pretty well.  324 Zero Air Hammer works great, the alignment, hammering and depth control are all made fast and intuitive because the profile of the hammer is custom made to fit the Zero.     

See a 324 Zero Hammer Animation at:

Product Details
324 Zero Air Hammer is designed to install 320 Zeros.  The depth of the rim is set at the thickness of horizontal grade laminate which is 0.040".  The depth can be modified and set to Zero if required. 

324 Zero Air Hammer includes:
Senco, PC1195 Mini Palm Nailer 
Aluminium 324 Zero Hammer Head

Useful Accessories 
Air Regulator 

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