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365 Countertop Bolt, Ball End Allen Wrench


365 Countertop Bolt, Ball End Allen Wrench

The 360 Countertop Bolt is compatible with any 3/16" hex-head or Allen wrench, but is primarily designed to be used with the 365 Countertop Bolt,Ball End Allen Wrench. When the Hex head is attached to a drill it can significantly speed up installation and tightening of countertops and other joints.  

Note: The 360 Countertop Bolt also works well with the universal router slot, milled by many countertop miter saws.  

Star Hanger also supplies the 370 Countertop Bolt, Router Template for use with the 360 Countertop Bolt.

Useful Accessories
360 Countertop Bolt
370 Countertop Bolt, Router Bit
915 Router Bit, Flush Offset


365 Countertop Bolt, Ball End Allen Wrench



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