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Star Mechanical Backsplash Locking Clip and Connector Infographic

Need an expert guide to set up a backsplash in a kitchen or bath space? The infographic states the detailed procedure using some simple products like Star Backsplash Clip and Star Connector Bolts.

Why you need Star Mechanical Backsplash Locking Clip?

Star Mechanical Backsplash Locking Clip
  • Offering you a mechanical lock set for the installation of a backsplash, which simple set into a bed of caulking, this is a must use product.
  • Manufactured as per the AWI Premium grade.
  • Designed to solve many problems including installation, maintenance and durability of a countertop's backsplash

What are the features of Star Backsplash Clip and Connector?

  • Manufactured using extruded aluminum wide with one dilled hole
  • Builds aluminum mechanical connection between the countertop and backsplash
  • It is permanent, durable and corrosion resistant
  • Too quick to install
  • Extremely water resistant

Don't forget to check the animated video for Star Backsplash Clip.

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