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Star Blue Zero Infographics

Whether you need it to install ADA panels, chair rail, fabric panels, or soffit panels, Star Blue Zero is the right fit for you.

The best thing is - This zero reveal fastener is very easy and simple to install. How?

Drilling a 1" hole is sufficient to hammer it into the right place. To mark the exact screw locations, steel alignment pins can be used. Later, install the double-headed screw and press it straight to fit.

Star Blue Zero Infographic
  • Installing hidden access panels: With the help of steel alignment pin you can place the Star Zero straight into place easily.
  • Installing ADA-removable cover panels: Typical ADA-removable cover panels can be installed directly with Star Zero. The double-headed mounting screws can be used. To remove plumbing access panel, a pry bar or the one with a cut-out pull is recommended.
  • Installing Soffit panels: When Star Zero and the Star Snap Clip are used together, the way to install Soffit panels becomes more comfortable. You hardly need a reveal. With the help of alignment pins available for the Star Zero you can directly install soffit panels.
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