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Star Ceiling Clip Infographics

Ceiling panel installation is made easy with Star Ceiling Clip! It strongly fastens ceiling panels with the zero visibility of screws. Star Ceiling Clip has 4 holes to provide secure holding while letting you move panels with its 1/16" clearance.

How to Use Star Ceiling Clip?

Here, we have given an easy infographic helping you install Star Ceiling clip in an easy way. Plus, know the required tools, position and correct placement of the clip and panel while attaching the ceiling panels.

Benefits of Using Star Ceiling Clip

  • Securely Fasten Ceiling Panel to Avoid the Risk of Falling Off
  • Specially Designed for the Overhead Panels of all Shapes and Sizes
  • Extremely Strong to Hold Up to 150 lbs weight
  • Minimal Screws Revelations
  • Vibration Resistant Mechanical Lock
  • Easy Installation Saves Time
  • Ideal for Home and Commercial Spaces
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  • MasterCard
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