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There arise several situations when woodworkers need a particular clip which holds securely in many directions. It can be for any panel or door which vibrates out of position, like paneled doors, elevator panels, refrigerator doors, etc.

Here comes the Red Snapper , which is made with and extruded outer cover for strength and injection molded core.

Star Red Snapper Vibration Resistant Fasteners

How to use star red snapper vibration resistant fasteners and panel clips?

Whether it is about holding the weight vertically for overhead panels and assemblies, access doors, soffits, etc. or to hold the horizontal panels, the star red snapper can be used with any application.

And this infographic states the complete instructions for using it for installation of soffits, columns and wood panels. You can also check the detailed animation video for star red snapper elevator panel to get a better idea.

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