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Star Hanger Systems provides innovative invisible hardware options that allow manufacturers, installers, owners, and architects to quickly and efficiently install artwork, graphics, ADA panels, fabric panels and upholstery. They can be installed directly to sheetrock or furring while remaining strong and removable.

Our sheetrock fasteners quickly Mount Heavy Panels Directly to Sheetrock. Artwork, sculpture, graphics, ADA panels, fabric panels and upholstery can also be installed directly to sheetrock. These fasteners are strong and the panels remain removable.

Star Hanger offers two basic types of fasteners for Mounting Wall Panels to Premium Furring Systems, insert and surface mounted. When used with CNC Routers our modern insert fasteners allow large and complex panel systems to be installed with unparalleled speed and low cost. They are stronger than traditional clips and remain removable. We also offer traditional patented surface mounted panel clips with some new innovations like the vibration resistant Red Snapper and the Alignment Clips for easy placement marking.

Star Hanger also has epoxy mounted fasteners for Mounting Solid Surface Directly to Sheetrock which allows solid surfaces to be installed quickly.

We also offer hardware for Mounting and Hanging Ceiling Panels & Clouds. The new Star Ceiling Clip is specifically designed for overhead use with a structural wood furring. It is a surface mounted clip that drops down 1/8" and mechanically locks into place both vertically and horizontally. When mounted directly to wood furring Ceiling Hanger allows for any panel, regardless of size or shape to be safely installed.

Three different systems are available:
1. The Star T Track is designed to install standard sized panels directly to a standard structural T track.
2. Star Ceiling Clip is specifically designed for overhead use with a structural wood furring and variety of panel sizes and shapes.
3. Our Cable Cloud Hangers provide a nice nautical look for hanging panels or just about anything else from the overhead structure.

We offer ADA Supports & Counter Top Components that when combined, allow ADA units to be installed directly to steel studs with no internal blocking. With the addition of the new Countertop Connector Bolt, installation is efficient and the finished product is precise, quick and strong.

Star Hanger fasteners have many uses including; Upholstery Seating & Acoustic Panel Fasteners. They work well with any panel core that will hold a screw or insert. Our insert fasteners allow booth seating and other fabric covered panels to be quickly removed for both cleaning and replacement. Star Hanger acoustical panels can be shop fabricated for quick installation on the job site.




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