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230 Epoxy Mount


230 Epoxy Mount

The solid surface 230 Epoxy Mount is designed for installing materials too brittle to hold a screw.  Some examples would be thin panels, Corian, MF, sculpted panels, acrylics, light metal panels, glass and solid surfaces. The 230 Epoxy Mount work with virtually any material that will accept an epoxy.  The perforated mild-steel mounting plate can be epoxy-mounted to almost any surface with high strength and predictability. The small perforations improve mechanical adhesion to the epoxy. 

The 230 Epoxy Mount is made from a steel pin welded to a zinc coated steel plate. The 230 Epoxy Mount head is 3/16" Mounting Bolt, that works with the 340 Lock and 200 Hanger 1⅜”
The 230 Epoxy Mount can be attached to various panels with a 3M Scotch-Weld 110 Epoxy. The 211 Alignment Pins 3/16" can be used to mark the mount locations onto panels.  

Product Advantages

  • Designed to directly hang solid surfaces such as acrylic, Corian, and glass flush with the wall
  • Allows the installer to rely not only on traditional silicone, but a combination of silicone and epoxy mounts
  • Quick and easy to install, Corian panels take approximately one hour per full-size sheet. After the epoxy sets up, generally about 24 hours.  

Cost & Benefit Estimates
Mounting Solid Surfaces to a walls, and waiting until the glue sets is time consuming and frustrating work.  It takes approximately 6 hours per 30” x 96” section (not including the seams). With practice, this can be reduced by about 2 hours per sheet.

Please see > Technical > Cost Estimates, for details 

Strength Testing, with 1/2", solid surface

  • Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 250 lbs. / Working Strength, Pull from Furring = 25 lbs.
  • Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 350 lbs. / Working Strength, Weight holding = 25 lb

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200 Hanger 1-3/8" (Includes 3/16" Mounting Screws)
340 Lock (Includes 3/16" Mounting Screws)
211 Alignment Pins 3/16" (25 Pins)


230 Epoxy Mount



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