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262 Glide Sheetrock Set (Includes Green Glide, Mounting Wood Screw & Pop Toggle)


262 Glide Sheetrock Set (Includes Green Glide, Mounting Screw, Pop Toggle) 

We have added the combination of the 300 Green Glide, 336 Mounting Screws and the 252 Pop Toggle TC to make ordering more convenient. Any medium weight wood, fabric, acoustical panels, artwork can be quickly and efficiently mounted directly to drywall, concrete block or any other surface with a hollow cavity using only a 5/16" hole.

The 300 Green Glide is a Medium Duty, one piece, injection molded insert fastener designed to mount  panels with a 3/8" key slot style drop.  The 300 Green Glide fits nicely into the 5/8" x 1-1/4 routed hole in any hard substrate. The 300 Green Glide simply pushes in and down onto a 5/16" double head mounting screw with about 10 lbs of force and can be removed with about the same of force.   

The 252 Pop Toggle TC  works with the 336 Mounting Screws 5/16", and a variety of  other wall anchors.  We like the 262 Sheetrock Fastener Set because it holds its location in the drywall, is very strong, and is not easily pushed backward into the wall cavity when installing.  

(311 Green Glide Alignment Pins are available for a fast and accurate layout in both the field and shop, Sold Separately.)

Cost  Benefit Estimates 

300 Green Glide                             $ 0.59 
336 Mounting Wood Screw 3/16"   $ 0.22
252 TC Pop Toggle                         $ 0.49 
Total :                                             $ 1.30  Per Connection 

Price per  4 ft. x 8 ft panel, 12 fasteners  = $ 15.60 per panel or $ 0.48 per sqft. The 262 Sheetrock Fastener Set allows direct panel application at less than half the cost of a full furring system.

Strength Testing  with 5/8" drywall & Zip Tie 
Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 110 lbs.

Working Strength ( Pull from furring) = 20 lbs.
Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 75 lbs.
SWL:  (Safe Working Load)  = 20 lbs.

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