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337C Mounting Bolts 5/16" x 2-1/4" (100 Bolts)


337 Mounting Bolts 5/16" x 2-1/4" (100 Bolts)

The 337 Mounting Bolts 5/16", can be used with both the Green Glide and the Green Glide Triangle insert-fasteners. The 337 Mounting Bolt 5/16", 950 Snaptoggle, 300 Green Glide can be combined together for mounting medium-weight wood panels, directly to drywall, (only requiring a 1/2" hole in the drywall).   Elevator wood panels can be mounted directly to steel panels by using a 945 Rivnut, 337 Mounting Bolt 5/16", 300 Green Glide combination.  Molding, art work, signage and any medium-weight panel can be mounted to furring, steel, concrete, and other surfaces, using some of the combinations of fasteners listed below. 

(Note: The 337 Mounting Bolt 5/16", 950 Snaptoggle, 300 Green Glide combination is very strong, about 100 lbs.  It is strong enough to pull bent sheetrock back into place, which works well for heavy trim.)

The 337 Mounting Bolt 5/16", incorporates Star Hanger's 5/16" double-headed configuration with a  #10-24 standard thread x 2¼" long.  Made of mild steel, it is non-tempered so it retains some flexibility.  The 10-24 standard thread is very common and can be used with hundreds of nuts, anchors, drywall inserts, and more.  

(Note: This product is not compatible with our Zero Products.)

Cost Benefit Estimates
The cost of the Mounting Bolt System varies with the combinations used. The hardware cost for direct connection to drywall and steel panels is about $0.49 per square foot.  We believe the most common applications will be for pre-sized panels with the 'Lock' inserts; plant installed and sent to the field with a template, or Alignment Pins, for installing the Mounting Bolts onsite. Star Hangers allow direct panel application at about half the cost of a full furring system.

Strength Testing with 5/8" sheetrock & Snap Toggle 
Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 110 lbs. Working Strength, Pull from Furring = 20 lbs.
Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 180 lbs. SWL. Safe Working Load = 20 lbs.

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