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630 Cloud Hanger


630 Cloud Hanger

The 630 Cloud Hanger is an adjustable mounting plate that is the final connection from 1/8” cable to wood ceiling panels.  With the Cloud Hanger cable length is quickly adjustable and wood panels are securely attached with 10 pan head screws.  The ten screws allow for secure and durable connection even to thinner panels.

Manufactured by Star Hanger, the Cloud Hanger is made from a solid 5/8" x 1-7/8" x 5-1/2" aluminum extruded bar.  There are 8 screw holes for # 8 pan-head screw.  The cable length is easily set during installation with 3 Allen lock-screws at the cloud level which greatly eases final adjustment. There is a rub collar to protect the cable at the clip-to-cable connection, which allows the panel to be mounted at up to a 30-degree angle.  The Cloud Hanger is generally unseen and has an aluminum mill finish.

Strength Testing
The wood (panel) to clip connection is the point of weakness, in the Star Cloud Hanging System.  Strength Testing with 3/4" - 45 lb. particle board

 Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 350 lbs. / Working Strength, Weight Holding = 40 lbs.
 Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 550 lbs. / Working Strength, Pulled to Side = 20 lbs.

Note: The plate pullout strength will vary according to the size and depth of the screws, pilot holes, cable angle and material type.  A single # 8 flat head wood screw with: 1/2" penetration, a 3/64" pilot hole, installed in 45-pound particleboard, fails at about 30 pounds. With 8 Screws, this gives a total pull out of 240 pounds, which divided by a safety factor of 5, gives a working load limit of 40 pounds. 

Star Hanger Systems recommends:  That ceiling clouds be made with a plywood core at least 3/4" thick, with four cables, a  maximum panel weight of 160 pounds, and a maximum cable-angle of 30º from the horizontal.

Note: Cloud Hanger mounting plate is a fixed cable connection, therefore, movement or sway of the cloud panel will result in bending and fatigue at the cable - clip connection. Cloud Hanger Mounting Plate has been tested to 1,000,000 sway cycles, at 10 degrees angle, holding 100 pounds.  However, a fixed cable connection should not be used if panels will be constantly subject to sway or noticeable movement.

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