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745 Backsplash Dowel Jig Kit



The 745 BackSplash Dowel Jig  Kit is everything needed to install the 740 BackSplash Dowels. (Holes 3/8" off the backside of both the back-splashes and counter-tops)  The dowel also had a 5 degree angle to help push the top back-splash into the wall.   The two vacuum cups hold the hardened steel drill bushing in place for accurate drilling of the 5/16" holes.  

The dowels are screwed into the counter-top and press forced into the top the back-splash. The steel ribs hold the back-splash in place until the silicone glue sets.

The 740 BackSplash Dowel provides a mechanical lock and when set into a bed of caulk they provide a mechanical lock and water resistant seal that stops the gaps that allow water in.   (per AWI Premium Grade installations)

745 Backsplash Dowel Jig Kit Includes:

  • Tool Box
  • Cup Vacuum Handle
  • Drill Guide & Bushings
  • 5 Alignment Pins 
  • 8" Flexible Extension Bit Holder and 5/16" Drill bit  
  • Ball Head Allen Wrench: The dowels are screwed into the counter-top and press forced into the top the backslash.
  • Panel Adjuster
  • Caulking Tool
  • 100x 740 BackSplash Dowels

(The 740 Backsplash Dowel is an 3/8" sharply ribbed, zinc coated steel dowel that fit into pre- drilled holes with the aid of a dowel template.   The steel ribs hold the backsplash in place until the silicone glue sets.)

    Cost & Benefit Estimates

    • A typical 10ft. sink unit with side splashes takes about 7 minutes to lock down, caulk and clean up. 
    • Machining in the shop with an end stop, on a shaper, is eliminated.
    • No second-trip required for caulking.
    • Allows less experienced installers to do professional quality work.  

    More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads

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    Product Specifications

    SKU 930 Cloud Hanger Specs. (pdf)


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