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430 S & NZ Panel Clip, 12 ft. Bar


430 S & NZ Panel Clip, 12 ft. Bar

(12ft lengths require LTL Shipping / call 803-250-9608 for additional options)

The S Clip is generally used to mount panels to furring in the field. It can also be used in full length bars to mount panels directly to drywall.  Some installers prefer to use full length 12 ft. bars over furring strips to mount horizontally across short spans (Studs), unlevel surfaces and existing drywall.  
The 430 S Clip Bars, have the same profile as the 420 S Clip.  The S Clip, has ribbed backs, in 1/32” increments, which allow adjustment, and provide better grip. The Clip is exactly 2-1/4” wide and 3” tall, which allows for easy marking and alignment.  The special 421 S Alignment Clip lets you accurately mark fastener locations, for precision panel placement, which simplifies the entire process.   A unique feature of the ogee design, is the snap-in-place "click" when the assembly is pushed into place, letting the installer know that the location is correct.

Product Uses
The S Clip is essentially the same as a traditional Z clip with a few modifications that make installation easier.  It can be used on wood panels, MDF panels and architectural panels.  The Clip requires a 1/4” pocket for flush mounting a panel.
Product Advantages
  • An improvement over the existing traditional panel clip
  • Ribbed backs, in 1/32” increments, allow minor adjustment and provide better grip
  • Makes a unique 'snapping' sound when the panel is snapped in place
  • Easy layout because of precise 3” dimension
Strength Testing,  with 3/4", 45 lb. particle board
Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 150 lbs. –  Working Strength, Pull from Furring = 25 lbs.
Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 150 lbs. –  Working Strength, Weight holding = 25 lbs.

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