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226 Galaxy


The 200 SERIES is a set of unique, strong, and versatile fasteners, that allow for 1/8” of movement.  The the high strength and ability to allow for summer to winter expansion and contraction of the panels makes the Galaxy one of the most  versatile fasteners available.  And that's why we call it the Galaxy.  

The Galaxy comes with 234 Euro Screw, 1/2” Thread Length.

The Galaxies are a set of unique, strong, and versatile fasteners.  The high strength and small size are possible because the arms grip from the sides.  These long arms allow for up to 1/8” of movement at the connection between the panel and the mounting point for expansion and contract of the panel. This means the Galaxies will hold larger panel that have more movement. The Galaxy works well with larger wood panels, plywood, particle board MDF, plastics, solid surface and more.  The Galaxy does lose holding power, it should not be used with panels that will be more removed than 10 times. 

There are four different Galaxy designs, the number of arms determines their strength. The thicker the arms are the harder it is to pull the fasteners away from the wall. Like the popular Zero there is no requirement to drop and lock, the panel snaps straight onto place.  The Galaxy is a compression fit, the center snap inserts grip into a 1-1/4" drilled hole, and the 234 mounting screws use a 5 mm hole. The Galaxy can be quickly inserted into place with a hammer or press, there is a small rim that indents the surface of the wood to help stop the insert flush with the surface.
The engineered plastic body and steel mounting screw on Galaxy can withstand repeated removal. At only 5/16”, thin enough for ½” thick panels.

Note: The 224 Galaxy has a 30 Lb. weight limit per insert. It should be used overhead only in combination with safety lanyard.
The Galaxy does lose holding power, it should not be used with panels that will be removed more than about 10 times. 

More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads".


Application: Mounts Wood, Steel, Glass, Solid Surface
Key Advantages: Flush, Strong, Allows 1/8” Movement, Thin, Center Snap
Fastener Type: Center Snap Insert
Holding Type: Friction Catch
Alignment Method: 229 Galaxy Alignment Pins
Fastener Preparation: Drill 1-1/4" Hole x 3/8" Deep
Maximum Panel Size: 4' x 10'

911 Carbide Tipped , 1-1/4" Forstner 
913 Pilot Drill & Stop, 5mm Center Point
919 Bosch 5/16" x 6" Carbide Tipped Drill
920 Panel Adjuster
960 Pneumatic Insert Hammer
964 Galaxy Hammer for All Galaxies
969 Galaxy Retrofit Insertion Fixture 

229 Galaxy Alignment Pins
234 Euro Screw, 1/2” Thread Length
235 Euro Screw, 5-16” Thread Length
236 Combination Screw, 1/2” Thread Length
237 Combination Screws, 1-3/8” Thread Length
238 Mounting Bolts, 1/2”, Thread Length, 10 - 24 Thread
239 Mounting Bolts, 1/2", Thread Length, 10 - 24 Thread
750 Tapered Shim
952 Pop Toggle TC for 5/8" Sheetrock 

224 Galaxy, Horizontal Pull Off = 100 Pounds, Vertical Weight Holding 30 Pounds 
225 Galaxy, Horizontal Pull Off = 75 Pounds,  Vertical Weight Holding 25 Pounds
226 Galaxy, Horizontal Pull Off = 50 Pounds,  Vertical Weight Holding 20 Pounds 
227 Galaxy, Horizontal Pull Off = 25 Pounds,  Vertical Weight Holding 10 Pounds 



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