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Star Hanger Systems offers Fasteners(Wood Fasteners, Specialty Fasteners, Screw Fasteners, Bolt Fastener, Hidden Fasteners), Screws(Wood Screws, Drywall Screws, Pan Head Screws, MDF Screws, Plywood Screws, Mounting Screws, Wall Mount Screws, Particle Board Screws, Euro Screws), Bolts(Concrete Bolts, Wood Bolts, Eye Bolts, I Bolts, Allen Head Bolts, Concrete Anchor Bolts, Mounting Bolts), Hangers(Metal Hangers, Mirror Hangers, Heavy Duty Hangers, Drywall Hangers, Wall Mirror Hangers, Art Hangers, Fabric Hangers, Green Hanger), Clips(Z Clips, Wall Clips, Panel Clips, S Clips, Mounting Clips, Ceiling Clips, Bar Clips), Anchors(Wall Anchors, Dry Wall Anchors, Concrete Anchors, Snaptoggle Anchors), Nuts(Locking Nuts, Unistrut Nuts, Unistrut Spring Nut), Dowel Pins, Alignment Pins, Router Templates, Drywall Shims, J Hooks, Beam Clamps, I Beam Clamps, C Clamps, Pad Eye, Unistrut, Unistrut Brackets, Steel Cable, Mounting Plate, Dowels, Dowel Rod, Dowel Pin, Dowel Jig, Horseshoe Shims, Allen Wrench, Forstner Bit, Hole Saw, Mandrel, Pilot Drill Bit, Router Bits, Rivnut, Snaptoggle, Air Hammer, Hammer Lock and more.

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