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Star Hanger System was founded in 2011 by Charles Porter. Charles is a lifelong woodworker with over 40 years of experience ranging from historic preservation to Fortune 500 corporate woodwork. Charles's notable projects included IBM, Goodrich, Penn State, Duke Law, NRA, Transamerica, Blue Cross, and K Street. His specialty was custom lay-up panel work, design detailing, worldwide veneer sourcing, fabrication, finishing and installation. Charles was an early innovator, one of the first using CNC routers in the 1970s, Custom Programming in the 1980s, and Lean Manufacturing in the 1990s.

With the invention of 3D printing, the long held fasteners ideas from the woodworking days were now possible.  3D printing provides the opportunity to solve complicated problems that have frustrated woodworkers for years.  With this new technology and a great group of local woodworkers willing to help test new solutions; Star Hanger Systems started to develop fasteners and systems that save time and allow new design possibilities.

Star Hanger Systems has been saving time for woodworkers and creating new possibilities for designs for years.  We enjoy a close relationship with our customers and maintain a scale that allows us to carefully review and adjust to the feedback of woodworkers and installers.  With job site feedback and in-house testing we have continuously modified our molds, profiles, and system instructions. This constant evolution has created the results that our growing list of customers have come to expect.
We currently have 4 Patent Applications, 3 Provisional Patents, 2 Patents and 4 new systems in development.  With your continued support, Star Hanger will continue to design and manufacture hidden fasteners that save time and allow new methods that provide opportunities for better design and execution.

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