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300 Green Glide


Green Glide Diagram


The 300 Green Glide is designed to mount wall panels using a prefabricated furring system. The 300 Green Glide is a precision, hidden-insert-fastener that compresses into a pre-routed slot, and is best suited to pre-engineered (CNC cut) panel furring systems. The 300 Green Glide gives the fabricator the ability to exactly control the placement of wood panels, ADA panels, fabric panels, artwork, graphics, upholstery and more.

Using this insert is especially advantageous for panel-furring installations with complex, custom shaped panels. The holes and pockets for the 334 Mounting Screws 5/16" and 300 Green Glide can be pre-drilled and fitted in the shop; then quickly removed (if necessary) for shipping and reinstalled in the exact same location in the field prior to hanging the panels and furring.


The 300 Green Glide is faster, stronger and more precise than any other hidden-panel-hanging system. The fastener is held firmly in place by compressing into a 5/8" x 1-1/4 " routed pocket ½" deep. This elongated design provides the keyhole length needed for the 334 Mounting Screw 5/16" in the panel to glide smoothly and firmly into place. The advantage of the full CNC layout is that the double-headed screws are set in a specific location on the panel by starting at 2" off each corner. This mounting location can be pre-drilled and/or quickly determined in the field, with our 318 Green Glide, Drill Template 2" Offset (Includes Template, Drill, & Stops)

Product Advantages

  • Panel furring systems can be pre-engineered to provide unparalleled control over exact panel location.
  • Once pockets are cut, the insert can be hammered into place in seconds and the panel then glides quickly and firmly into place on the corresponding fasteners.
  • Quickly disassembled for flat pack shipping
  • Using pre-engineered large panel furring systems greatly improves accuracy and efficiency.
  • On-site, the furring system can be installed during the rough work phase and the panels with the finish work. Two stage installation protects fine panel work, and greatly reduces on-site hours during the most compressed phase of the project.

Cost & Benefit Estimates
Current estimates show that the pre-engineered system saves about 1.5 hours per 36” x 96” (or about 10%).  This system generally adds engineering hours while saving substantial shop and installation hours. The hardware cost is similar to traditional clips.  

Strength Testing with 3/4", 45 lb. particleboard
Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 160 lbs.
Working Strength, Pull from Furring = 25 lbs.
Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 330 lbs.
Working Strength, Weight holding = 50 lbs.

300 Green Glide Test Strength

334 Euro Screws are Included with the 300 Green Glide
Other screws are In-Progress, please call to check availability.

  • 335 Euro Screws, Cutoff to 5/16" Thread Length
  • 336 Combination Screws, 1-1/2" Thread Length
  • 238 Combination Screws, 9/16" Thread Length
  • 238 Machine Thread, 10 -24, 9/16" Thread Length

Product Specifications

300 Green Glide, Specs, 1-28-19 (pdf)

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