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913 Pilot Drill, 5MM Center Point Drill & Stop



The Center Point 5MM Pilot Drill & Stop is used for shop or field installation of all Star 3/16" and 5/16" 5MM Mounting Screws.  Star 5MM mounting screws have a 9/16" depth, with a 5/8" recommended hole depth, leaving a 1/16" space to insure screws do not bottom-out. This gap also allows for expansion and contraction of the panels, without bubbling the surface. 


The Pilot Drill Stop, is made by Amana Tool, and the Stop Height is adjustable.  This is a full wrap around Stop, that locks into position like a collar clamp. (This does not damage the bits like an Allen-head lock).   
The Drill is made by Timberline of high speed steel with  brad-point drill bit, and a 5mm Dia and 5mm shank. 

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