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620 Ball Lock & Cable: Connects to Sheetrock



When using exposed hardware there needs to be a connection made from the threaded rod exposed through the finished ceiling to the 1/8" stainless steel cable.  The Ball Connector, screws directly to 1/4" exposed portion of the threaded rod.  The Ball Connector, include a 1/8" stainless steel cable with a ball fitting, to hang the cable from the ball connector.   The Ball Connector and cable are not adjustable at the finished ceiling level. – All cable length adjustments are made at the cloud level.  The non-adjustable cable is generally mounted after the ceiling is finished. 

The 620 Ball Lock is manufactured by GRIPLOCK® SYSTEMS. The 1/8" steel cable is cut to size, welded, hydraulic pressed and assembled to the ball lock here at Star Hanger Systems. Price variance is $.46 per foot.

( 620 Ball Lock & Cable orders are made custom per order and may require additional production time. If you need a length that is not available on the drop-box below. Please take a moment to contact us for further options. )

Strength Testing
Griplock, CC-M13-1420-Q2.4, Two Part Non-Adjustable and 5 ft. of 1/8” cable both exceed 100 Pound WLL. 

More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads

Order Here: Use Drop-Box to Select Cable Length.

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