Star Hanger Fasteners Applications


Star Hanger Systems develops removable, concealable, connectors for architectural projects. Our connectors allow for new design possibilities while saving time and money.  Star Hanger’s concealed panel fasteners are designed to accommodate a variety of weight loads, surface materials, installation speeds, project conditions and budgets.  Our fasteners have create a multitude of hanging solutions for mounting wood panels, artwork, acoustical panels, fabric panels, overhead clouds panels and more… with precision. We proudly design, test and manufacture our fasteners based on experience and feedback from our clientele.

Connect to Wood & Furring ...…………Zero Reveal, CNC Prep, Field Inserts 
Connect to Sheetrock.…………............Heavy Hanger, Thin Mounts, Epoxy 
Connect to Steel & Corian ………….....Special Mounting 
Connect Countertops & Backsplash………Countertop Dowel, Tight Joint 
Connect Clouds to Structure……………….Overhead Panels Clip, Could Hanger
Connect Upholstery Seating & Acoustical..260 Zero
Tools, Accessories & Samples…………….Specialty Tools, Bits and Templates

What we do for Designs & Architects 
Star Hanger Systems is dedicated to making beautiful architectural projects more accessible to everyone. Architectural finishes like wood, fabric, custom art, and hanging art can completely change the tone of finished spaces.  Unfortunately, constraints are real, cost limit our imaginations, hours of production, hours of drafting, complexity, hours of installation Star Hanger’s lives in a hidden technical world that brings methods that support you’re the aesthetic world.  We bring new techniques that allow for more possibilities for your imagination.  

What we do for Manufacturers 
We allow many new options for manufactures based on your cost profile.  If your product & reputation benefits from quick and easy installation we have fasteners with work well with pre engineered systems.  If you need low cost hardware for the installers we have great options that your installer will appreciate.   

What we do for Installers 
We make fasteners that save you time in the field, we also work hard to simplify the steps needed.  Often this allows the installation crew to be made up of a craftsmen and a apprentice.

What we think about.
Star Hanger Systems has decades of experience in both field, shop fabrication and design detailing. That gives us a unique perspective on what types of fasteners are truly helpful and which ones aren’t. The smallest details are important for the feel, fit and speed of the hardware.

Is the fastener designed to work with existing machinery?
What steps are needed to prepared for install?
Does it work with existing shop & field skill sets?
Are there new aesthetic possibilities for designers ?
How does the field layout work?

Are the connections adjustable?
How strong does it need to be to hold panels as they warp and change tension?
Will it take abuse and over tightening?
Does the hardware allow for expansion and contraction of the panels? 
Is there enough information on our website to understand the hardware?
Do specifiers have all the required information? 
Will the hardware out last the building?
Does it really save time and expense?

The above list is a tall order and is our continuing goal for every fastener.  We are in daily contact with our customers learning about possible improvements.   And work closely with our material and machinery suppliers to improve our materials,  formulas and processes.

Star Hanger is dedicated to making great connections.

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