Star Hanger Fasteners Applications


Works with a wide variety of applications with no shop preparation required.

Section 6400 Architectural Wood Panels:

  • Architectural Wood Panels shall be mounted using Star Hanger Systems in-wall concealed panel hanging hardware.
  • The Star Hanger Systems hardware is designed for the installation of wall panels not weighing more than 10 pounds per sq ft. for a 24" x 24 " section of panels. The hanger's maximum load is 40 pounds per hanger.
  • The holding strength for the hanger is limited by the sheet rock condition and attachment method. In most cases, the sheet rock will fail before the Star Hanger. Every panel section, 24" x 24", must have at least one fastener mounted directly to support studs or blocking.

Carefully follow installation instructions found on this site.

  • Do not use surface nailing, surface screws or any other exposed fastener of any type.
  • Do not use "z clip, bar clips, French cleats or any other hanging system that leave a gap behind the panels.
  • Directly gluing panels to a wall is not allowed. Movement of the panels pulls them loose over time. The Star Hangers allow for even large panels to expand and contract up to 1/16", yet hold up to 40 pounds each.
  • Do not penetrate rated walls. If fire rated walls are to be paneled, surface mounted fire treated wood blocking strips are required.
  • Under no conditions should the Star Hanger panel system be use for ceiling panels.


Testing Information:

All tests were done on new 5/8" sheet rock. All test panels were hung vertically.

The pullout values were based on in-house testing. These are for guidelines only. Age, moisture, thickness, and attachment method of the sheet rock as well as the strength of the substrate must all be considered. Directly gluing panels to a wall is not recommended because the movement of the panels pulls them loose over time.

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