Star Hanger Fasteners Applications

Star Green Glide Video

Are you seeking help for mounting those complex panel systems? Then you landed at the right place. This video enables you to get the job done right way. You will need star green glide traditional clips for this purpose.

Benefits of using star green glide traditional clips for complex panel systems?

traditional clips for complex panel systems
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency; less time consuming
  • It hardly needs few seconds to insert these clips; just hammer and the panel then glides quickly and firmly into place.
  • Faster disassembling is feasible for flat pack shipping
  • With unparalleled control over panel location, you can carry out pre- engineering with panel furring systems.

To add more, the Green Glide clips offers fabricator the ability to exactly control the placement of wood panels, art work, graphics, ADA panels, fabric panels, upholstery and so on. Check out specifications here.

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