Star Hanger Fasteners Applications

Trouble Shooting

Please try the Star Hanger on a few test pieces of sheet rock, so you can inspect both sides to make sure you have a feel for good contact with both locking arms.

Hanger will not stay in place:

  1. The most common problem with loose Hangers is that the locking arm will break. This is generally caused by over tightening the Locking Arm Screw.  To repair; loosen both Locking Screws so the they are in the original closed or tucked-in position.  This can be made easier by knocking out the back of the Star Hanger, you can then see the alignment of the arms.
  2. Sometimes the paper on the back of the sheet rock will prevent the rotation of the Locking Arm over the sheet rock.  The Arm gap should be set at the shop at 1/8" above the back of the Hanger.  Remove the hanger and check the setting.  Also check to make sure the paper is not too rough, if so lightly sand the back side of the hole to remove any lose paper.
  3. Hanger will not stay in wood blocking: Some hole saws cut about 1/32" larger than the stated dimension, this works well in sheet rock.   However, when drilling in wood to use a compression fit, the Hanger will be loose.  In that case, you can file the outside of the saw teeth to make the hole smaller. The other option is the use a Foster wood bit or CNC to get the needed size.

Trouble finding the Alignment Pin Mark:

  1. It is helpful to highlight the location of each pin while close to the wall with the Hangers so you will not miss any pins.

Project has less than a 3/8" reveal:

  1. The minimum reveal when mounted vertically is 3/8".  If a smaller reveal is needed it is possible to mount the Star Hanger horizontally or any angle in-between.  This way the panels can slide in sideways,  Keep in mind panels hung with Star Hangers are held in place by gravity.  Horizontally mounted Panels will slide out of place and fall.  It is possible to lock panels in place by filling the key hole with a fast setting Panel Adhesive.

Need panels permanently located:

  1. It is possible to lock panel in place by filling the key hole with a fast setting Panel Adhesive.  Keep in mind once the panel adhesive sets the panels are no longer removable.
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