"500 Series Hardware was a perfect fit for this job." -Patrick Reilly, Euro-Tex Mfg. March 15 2024

This is a very fun design at the Peached Tortilla out of Cedar Park, TX. This job was designed by Design Hound and installed by Euro-Tex Mfg. The overhead panels are using Star Hanger Systems 511 Ceiling Clip 12ft Bar & 512 Ceiling Clip 2" Singles. You can see on the first photo featured below in the right upper corner of the unfinish area how the 511s are mounted. This incredible ceiling design remains removable for other trades to perform future maintenance on the hidden Electrical and HVAC.

Patrick Reilly of Euro-Tex Mfg. says,"500 Series Hardware was a perfect fit for this job - the slight adjustment in the profile allowed us to fully shop fabricate the panels and install in less than a week."