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The 740 Backsplash Dowel is designed to permanently, quickly and securely mount backsplashes to countertops.  The 740 Backsplash Dowel is intended to be used in field to solve many problems associated with the installation, maintenance and durability of countertops and backsplashes. Over time cabinets and floors begin to settle and shrink, causing gaps between the countertop and backsplash.  These gaps allow water to contact the edge of the particleboard, the particleboard swells and the gaps open wider.  The gaps causes a self destructive cycle that is difficult to stop.  The 740 Backsplash Dowel provides a mechanical lock and when set into a bed of caulk they provide a mechanical lock and water resistant seal that stops the gaps that allow water in.   (per AWI Premium Grade installations)

The 740 Backsplash Dowel is an 5/16" sharply ribbed, zinc coated steel dowel that fits into pre-drilled holes with the aid of the 745 Backsplash Dowel Jig Kit. The dowels are screwed into the countertop and press fit into the top the backsplash.  The steel ribs hold the backsplash in place until the silicone glue sets.

Product Advantages

  • Allows the installer to complete the installation of the backsplash and caulking in one trip.
  • Because the backsplash is locked into position, the backsplash can immediately be set in a bed of caulk.
  • Complies with AWI premium requirement for countertop mechanical fasteners.
  • When used with a bed of silicone any small gap becomes almost completely waterproof.

Cost & Benefit Estimates

  • A typical 10ft. sink unit with side splashes takes about 7 minutes to lock down, caulk and clean up. 
  • No shop machining required.
  • No second-trip required for caulking.
  • Allows less experienced installers to do professional quality work.  
Strength Testing,  with 3/4" - 45 lb. particle board
Tensile Failure (Horizontal pull) = 40 lbs. –  Working Strength, Pull out Edge =  30 lbs.
Shear Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 200 lbs. –  Working Strength, Pulls out = 40 lbs.

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