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916 Drill Collar and 5/16" Center Drill



Wood Templates can be made quickly and save time and improve accuracy on the layout of inserts and mounting screws.   If you need the template to last for more than a few times the holes will need a Drill Collar.   The Wood Templates also can be made with magnets to hold the template on to a steel pane, this works well on steel doors, elevator panels, or steel desk panels. 

The 5/16" Center Drill Bit makes a precise pilot hole for all our other bits.


916 Drill Collar
Body size is 5/8" Diameter and 3/4" Tall 
Center Hole 5/16" Drill Bit
The OD is 1/2-20 thread

5/16" Center Drill
High Speed 5/16" Diameter Body 

Manufactured By
Task Pro Center

More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads

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