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917 Drill & Tap Combination, 10-24 Thread


917 Drill & Tap Combination, 10-24 Thread

The 917 Drill & Tap Combination, 10-24 Thread drills a # 25 hole (0.1495") and then continues on to tap light mild steel, aluminum, plastics, and other easy to tap materials.  It’s advantage over separate drill and taps is speed of use.  Drill and tap work are much stronger than self-drilling screws.

The 10-24 Thread works with the 238, 239, 338, 339 Mounting Bolts

Standard 1/4 Hex body for Keyless Drill Chucks. 
Wire number size 25, or 0.1495",  #10-24 UNC per ANSI/ASME B1.1
High-speed steel (HSS)

Manufactured By    
RUKO, Combination drill bit and machine tap

More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads

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