Star Hanger Fasteners Applications


Connect to Wood & Furring

This category is designed for precise installation of wood panels, signage, and complex wall hung art work, onto a layer of wood furring. AWI Premium Grade. Star Hanger offers three types of fasteners for mounting wall panels to furring systems. 

First, our modern insert is based on a T slot. The Locks drops into place with a 3/8” drop lock that provides the strongest insert fasteners available.   The Lock works in both the shop using the alignment pins & the field allowing large and complex panels systems to be shop engineered and CNC cut. 

Second, the Zero allows for both shop & field installation with straight snap & lock mechanism.  Both offer unparalleled speed, and quick, clean installation durations. 

We also offer traditional surface mounted clips with some new innovations like the vibration resistant Red Snapper and the Alignment Pins Clips for easy placement marking. 


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