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510 Ceiling Clip Pair: Aluminium


Ceiling Clip side profile diagram

The 510 Ceiling Clip Pair: Aluminum are designed to mount architectural panels to ceiling furring. These 510 Ceiling Clips are a pair of hidden ceiling panel clips that lock together both side to side and front to back and still allow panels to remain removable.

The 510 Ceiling Clip is the first clip of this kind specifically designed for horizontal application. No manufacturer currently recommends the use of standard Z Clips because panels continually expand and contract in size. This movement has a tendency to pull and push against the clip. Over time this creeping action can literally move the panel off its clips. The 510 Ceiling Clips have a mechanical locking edge that physically prevent the clips pulling of the edge. They offer improved stability and safety.

This fastener allows panels to be lifted and dropped into place, securely hanging panels from any wood furring that will hold screws. Once in place the panels can be removed, but only with coordinated lifting on all edges (1/16” ceiling clearance). The 510 Ceiling Clip has a J-hook shape, with a 1/8” overlapping edge and end stops that prevent one clip slipping off the other. The clips have 3 holes for secure mounting and are rated up to 25 lbs.

The are solid aluminium and come as a pair, single pieces, or 12’ lengths. In both cases, one clip is attached to ceiling furring while the other is attached to the panel backs (screws supplied) in a corresponding location. Accurate alignment can be achieved using our 537 Ceiling Clip, Router Template. The panels are then lifted into place and locked by dropping the clips into place. The panel position is adjustable up to a 1/4” allowing for material expansion. The panels can be held and position by adding small amounts of silicone where the clips join.

510 Spec

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