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511 Ceiling Clip, 12 FT. Bar


511 Ceiling Clip, 12 FT. Bars

511 Ceiling Clip Bars are designed to mount overhead panels to ceiling furring. The 511 Ceiling Clip Bars have the same profile as the 510 Ceiling Clip Pairs. The 511 Ceiling Clip 12FT. Bars can span distances of up to 24" and are used to hang large ceiling panels across short spans (Studs), unlevel surfaces and existing drywall.  This fastener allows panels to be lifted up and dropped into place, securely hanging panels from any wood furring that will hold screws.  Once in place, the panels can be removed, but only with coordinated lifting on all edges (clips have 1/16” vertical clearance).  The 511 Ceiling Clip Bar has a Z-Hook shape with a 1/8” overlapping edge.  This prevents one clip slipping off the other. The clips are rated to 25 lb each.

Product Uses
The 511 Ceiling Clip is designed to hang architectural panels directly to a pre-engineered furring system with no fear of dislodging.  It also has the unique advantage that the panels, if lifted carefully and precisely, can be removed for various purposes. The clips have a precision of +/- 1/8" on reveals, allowing for material expansion. The panels can be held and position by adding small amounts of silicone where the clips join. 

Product Advantages

  • Unique fastener, that directly clips panels to the ceiling, while remaining removable and vibration resistant
  • A mechanical lock holds the panels firmly in place.

    Ceiling Clip Installation Animation at:

    Strength Testing
    Tensile Failure (Vertical weight holding) = 150 lbs. – Working Load (weight holding) = 25 lbs.

    Failure (Horizontal pull side pull) = 100 lbs. – Working Load = 15 lbs.

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