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912 Hole Saw 1-3/8" & Mandrel


The 912 Hole Saw & Mandrel cuts a 1-3/8" diameter hole in sheetrock up to 1-1/2" thick material.
The 912 Hole Saw & Mandrel is used in the field for installation preparation of the 200 Hanger.  A common obstacle is running into steel studs, the Bi-Metal will cut through a steel stud, however, we recommend cutting the locking arms off the back of the 200 Hanger, which leaves a 5/8" thick hanger that can be screwed directly to the steel studs.  The same method work well with double sheetrock. 

The mandrel is made by Timberline 602-332 Arbor 7/16 Hex SHK 1/2 Chuck.  The saw is a Timberline 602-124 HSS Bi-Metal Hole Saw 1-3/8 D x 51mm Cut Depth.

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