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614 Diamond Eye Pad, Connects to Wood


614 Diamond Eye Pad, Connects to Wood 

The Cloud Hanging structural connecting, 614 stainless 1/4" Diamond Pad Eye, is one option for an exposed uppermost connection point at the ceiling structure.  The Pad Eye is generally screwed to a thick wood beam or steel beam. 

Star Hanger Cable & Connector Hardware is manufactured by Suncore, a well-known ocean-sailing company.  The hardware has an attractive nautical design, and it looks strong because it is.  

Ceiling Structural Connection
There are two options for structural connections: exposed or hidden.

For exposed structural connections, use either: Pad Eye or Eye Bolt; both stainless steel.

Hidden structural connections are generally covered by finished drywall.  
A good option, is to use a 1/4" - 20 Beam Clamp, connected to a threaded rod.  There should be a few inches of threaded rod exposed through the finished ceiling.  The exposed rod is then cut to about 1/2" and cleaned up, ready for the Ball Connector.  

Strength Testing
Suncore, S3703-1002,  STAMPED DIAMOND PAD EYE, 3 ¼”, Working Load Limit of 100

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614 Cloud Hanger, Stainless 1/4" Pad Eye


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