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622 Cable Fork & Cable: Connects to Cloud Hanger



When using exposed hardware for a cable hung cloud ceiling installation, there needs to be a connection made from the ceiling structure, to the 1/8" stainless steel cable.  The Cable Fork Connector attaches directly to the  Eye Pad or Eye Bolt, with a cleavage and safety pin, both of which are removable.  The Cable Fork Connector, also includes the 1/8" stainless steel cable, which is not adjustable at the structural connection level  –  All cable length adjustments are made at the cloud level.  The non-adjustable cable can be mounted to the ceiling structure early in the construction process if future excess to the ceiling structural will be difficult

Star Hanger cable connector hardware, is manufacture by Suncore, a well-known ocean sailing company The hardware has an attractive nautical design, which looks strong and durable, because it is.  The 1/8" fork connectors come attached to an 1/8” stainless steel cable at any length. Price variance is $.46 per foot.

(Cable Fork & Cable orders are made custom per order and may require additional production time. If you need a length that is not available on the drop-box below. Please take a moment to contact us for further options. )

Cables and Forks are made in China, assembled in America.

Strength Testing
Topson, S0736-0003, SWAGE JAW, 1/8”,  and 5 ft. of 1/8” cable both exceed 100 Pound WLL. 

More Information is Available Under "Video/Downloads

Order Here: Use Drop-Box to Select Cable Length.

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