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612 Anchor & Eye Bolt: Connects to Concrete



The 612 Cloud Hanging Structural Screw Anchor & Eye Bolt is an option for the uppermost connection point to concrete ceiling structures for cloud systems.  This a commonly used Screw Anchor (KH-EZ I, manufactured by Hilti), designed to attach 1/4" - 20 threaded rod or a eye bolt, to a concrete surface.

Ceiling Structural Connection Options 
Concrete Deck:      Screw Anchor & Eye Bolt 1/4" -20 Thread
Wood Beam:          Eye Bolt 1/4" -20 Thread
I Beam:                  C Clamp 1/4" -20 Thread

Drop Down to Finished Drywall
From Structural Connection: 1/4" -20 Threaded Rod to Stainless Ball Connector 

Cable Drop Down Options
From Structural Connection:   Stainless Steel Fork & 1/8" Cable Connected a 1/4"-20
From Structural Connection:   Stainless Swag & 1/8" Cable Connected to a 1/4"-20 

Cable to Panel Options
From 1/8" Cable:   Adjustable Stainless Steel Connector & 4" x 4" Aluminium Plate 
From 1/8" Cable:   Adjustable Aluminium Platform 

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