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610 Cloud Hanger, 1/4"-20, Beam Clamp


Star Cloud Hanger, 1/4" Beam Clamp

The 1/4" Beam Clamp offers a secure option for the uppermost connection of cloud-cables, or other connections, to steel ceiling structures.  This is a commonly available clamp, designed to connect 1/4" - 20 threaded rod, to  steel trusses, or I-beams. 

Ceiling Structural Connection
There are two options for structural ceiling connections: Exposed or Hidden.

Hidden structural connections are generally covered over by finished drywall.  This may be achieved by using a 1/4"Beam Clamp connected to a threaded rod.  There should be a few inches of the threaded rod exposed through the finished ceiling, which can be cut to 1/2" and cleaned up, ready for a Ball Connector.  

For exposed structural connections use either: the Pad Eye or Eye Bolt, which are both stainless steel.

Strength Testing
Galvanized 1/4" - 20 Beam Clamp:  Working Load Limit (WLL) = 100 pounds.

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