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224 Galaxy


The innovative design of the Galaxy allows us to adjust their holding power.
By lowering the number of locking arms, we can increase their strength.
We are introducing the 4 varieties below, all of which have descending levels of
strength as the amount of arms increases.


The 224 Galaxy is similar to the Zero, but thin enough for use with 1/2" panels. The thin and strong design allows for a ? lbs pull off strength and 1/8” of expansion and contract room. Like the popular Zero there is no requirement to drop and lock the
panel onto place. The 224 Galaxy works well with wood, plywood, particle board MDF, plastics, solid surface and more.


The 224 Galaxy have a new side pressure design that is very versatile and strong. The 224 Galaxy can be quickly inserted into place with a hammer or press, there is a small rim that indents the surface of the wood to help stop the insert flush with the surface. The engineered plastic body and steel mounting screw on the 224 Galaxy can withstand repeated removal. The 224 Galaxy compression fits into a 1-1/4" drilled hole. The 224 Galaxy pushes into any #10 Pan Head Screw in collaboration with the 290 Galaxy Spacer.
Note: The 224 Galaxy has a 20 Lb. weight limit per insert. It should be used overhead only in combination with safety lanyard.

Application: Mounts Wood, Steel, Glass, Solid Surface to Wood
Key Advantages: Flush, Strong, Thin, Center Snap
Fastener Type: Center Snap Insert
Holding Type: Friction Catch
Alignment Method: 229 Galaxy Alignment Pins
Fastener Preparation: Drill 1" Hole x 3/8" Deep
Maximum Panel Size: 4' x 10'
Template: N/A


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